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2D oligo(phenylene-ethynylene-butadiynylene)s: all-covalent nanoscale spoked wheels

S. Lei, A. Ver Heyen, S. De Feyter, M. Surin, R. Lazzaroni, S. Rosenfeldt, M. Ballauff, D. Mössinger, and S. Höger

Chemistry – A European Journal 2009, 15, 2518 – 2535 (VIP paper – Front Cover)


Defined two-dimensional organic structures in the 5 nm regime have been rarely produced without meeting the limits of solubility, synthetic feasibility, or uniformity. In their full paper on page 2518 ff., S. Höger, S. De Feyter, R. Lazzaroni, S. Rosenfeldt et al. present a spoked wheel that is molecularly defined, shape-persistent, and yet fully characterizable. The 2D oligomer is formed by sixfold coupling of rim modules to a central hub and subsequent template-directed cyclization. The structure and rigidity are confirmed by detailed STM/AFM and SANS experiments.